Stickers for WhatsApp Messenger, the famous stickers arrive to WhatsApp

Shortly quickly emerged applications that allow users messaging tool WhatsApp use the very famous and stickers, stickers or stickers that has popularized LINE. In this way the talks WhatsApp charge a new style and appearance with large, expressive images. One such application is Stickers for WhatsApp Messenger. A selection of emoticons large to show the Emoji emoticons emotions that can not.

The first thing is to understand that it is not exactly stickers or stickers such as LINE, and not referring to the style, but to use. These images, such as photographs stored in the terminal reel to share, so are not selected directly from WhatsApp. That’s the trick of Stickers for WhatsApp Messenger application. However, the result is similar to LINE as WhatsApp to send images for a preview image appears large size and can see the emoticons sent.

Stickers for WhatsApp

Its operation is very simple. The only problem is that this application does not integrate with WhatsApp, so you need to jump from one to another to send a sticker. Something that makes your performance is not especially comfortable, but not too much loss of time means. All you have to do is access Stickers for WhatsApp Messenger and choose emoticons. Here there are different categories of emoticons as eyelashes, seeing different actors in them, although they are usually more fun versions of classic smileys.

All you have to do is select the one you want to include in the conversation of WhatsApp and click on it. This will automatically be copied to the clipboard. So, what remains is again the talk of WhatsApp, make a long press on the box provided and click paste. This image is predisposed to be sent together with a written message, Emoji emoticons, etc.. When sending the preview image size is large in conversation, allowing the receivers do not need or even opening the image to enjoy it.

Another point, not too much in favor of this application is that the collections offered extra stickers are extra. So, you need to scratch your pocket to have more variety. Something that together with the lack of comfort in handling having to switch between the two applications, you can have many users behind. And already there are more applications of this type circulating applications markets.

In short, a tool can amuse the users who want to use stickers on WhatsApp, although the method is not fully tuned. The good thing is that it also served with other tools such as iMessage. The Sticker for WhatsApp Messenger app is free to download only for iPhone via App Store.

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