Sony Blu-ray players BDP-S1100, BDP-S3100 and BDP-S5100

The team at Sony has endeavored to endow its new Blu-ray readers a distinctive design. The shells seem carved gems, faceted that seem to change color slightly, depending on the angle they are viewed. The new Sony BDP-S5100, Sony BDP-S3100 and Sony BDP-S1100 are far from those boring rectangular boxes. But besides the three are connected Blu-ray players capable of accessing the Internet and other home networks.

They installed a web browser and can access social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Through the platform, Sony Entertainment Network, the user can enjoy various streaming services and video on demand. There is also the music service and Internet radio Music Unlimited and Video on demand Video Unlimited, both under subscription.

Sony BDP-S5100

The optical unit is completely closed to increase the stability of reproduction. The house engineers have built a new loading mechanism for disks that is faster than previous. All three formats can decode HD audio as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. In addition the manufacturer has included Triluminos color system, which increases the contrast and expands the color palette.

Both the Sony BDP-S5100 and the Sony BDP-S3100 can be handled with a smartphone or tablet, previously always install a free extension of control, which is available for devices iOS and Android. Also used to find content related to the TV show and the movie that the user is viewing. With hands-free mode, you can even use the Blu-ray player with voice commands. The main difference between the Sony BDP-S5100 and the Sony BDP-S3100 is that the former has Wi-Fi built, while the latter requires purchase an optional USB adapter. Both are Full HD 1080p and can also read Blu-ray 3D.

Sony BDP-S3100

The two play music, movies and photos stored on a computer or other device within your home network compatible DLNA. The port USB supports memory sticks or external hard drives, but also a USB keyboard, which is helpful to browse the Internet. The rest of the connectivity is completed by an output HDMI, a coaxial digital audio output port and one Ethernet.

Finally, close the trio, the model Sony BDP-S1100, which is the most basic. Anyway, it rescaled DVD movies to 1080p. Its port USB allows you to play videos, photos and audio not only from a USB key, but also from an external hard drive. The back has an output HDMI, a coaxial digital audio output, and an Ethernet port. From March 2013, the new Blu-ray players Sony BDP-S5100, Sony BDP-S3100 and Sony BDP-S1100 will be distributed in stores in our country.

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