HTC One M8 silver color, prices and rates with Vodafone

Vodafone, the mobile operator that provides services, announced the list of fares which offer the new HTC M8 One of the Taiwanese company HTC. These fares are available for purchase at the online store operator from next April 16, while physical stores have to wait until the week of April 21 to deliver these user fees.

Purchasing the HTC One M8 will have to be funded quotas including a stay of 24 months with Vodafone and 18 months with the rate you choose to purchase this smartphone. Also, depending on the chosen tariff, the user will have to pay a down payment ranging from zero to 200 euros. Here are all available rates for buying this mobile.

HTC One M8

On the one hand we have flat rate belonging to the range Base. This is the rate base GB, and includes calls to zero cents per minute and a bonus data 1 GigaByte for 30.36 euros per month. The down payment required in this case is 199 euros. Continue reading

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How to download files faster in the Samsung Galaxy S5

A new feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is its interior, and it is a special option that allows us to download files faster than usual. This newness is better harness the connectivity of the Internet available at the time to finish before the shock. Here’s how to enable this option when you download files of any type from Mobile.

Of course, remember that this option can always be activated and when we have a connection WiFi and other data connection 3G / 4G. If we meet this unique requirement, we can now proceed with the tutorial that we detail below.

Samsung Galaxy S5

How to download files faster in the Samsung Galaxy S5

• First we slide down the notification bar of the phone. Simply we have to press on the top of the screen, by holding your finger on the screen, we slide down. At that time we will open the notification menu. Continue reading

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Windows Phone 8.1 is now available for developers

Earlier this month Microsoft introduces all the news about Windows Phone 8.1 BUILD Conference. The new version of the mobile system of the company has a very interesting package of improvements and also come as an update to the range with Windows Phone 8.

Last year users who were associated with Windows Phone 7.5 looked like they were left behind with the arrival of Windows Phone 8, but on this occasion the company has amended its error, offering support for all users. As we promised at the conference, Windows Phone 8.1 would be released first for developers registered, which can be downloaded from today trying to get all the benefits.

Windows Phone 8.1

If you are a registered Microsoft developer and you can do with Windows Phone 8.1. ‘s the usual process by which new versions to appear before those responsible for creating applications. This way they can adapt their applications to the new environment, while they can create new and finish polishing the possible failures that occur. The final version of Windows Phone 8.1 will still take a few months, except for those so with a Nokia Lumia 630 or Nokia Lumia 930, which will hit stores in May, and come standard with Windows Phone 8.1. Continue reading

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WhatsApp takes privacy updates to Windows Phone

The users of the platform Windows Phone have been waiting for news of more widespread application messaging. But despite being the last to receive news, WhatsApp does not want to leave its side and is preparing a succulent update loaded with new features to satisfy those. A new stable release introduces enhancements and features already seen in Android and iOS and that the users of Windows Phone take longer time waiting.

At the moment what we know comes through beta testing or application WhatsApp has transcended through an Italian medium. In this version have been proven good list of changes that, while not radically alter the operation of this app, if you significantly improve with new messages and general details we discuss below.


Among the list of new features that are coming highlights recent privacy measures including Android and iOS. A good way to hide information as the profile picture, the last connection or phrase from state to those who are not contacts or directly hide these to everyone. But it is not the only change, with the possibility of interest is also expected hide the date and time of the Views function to provide more privacy to users so wish. Continue reading

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The iPhone 6 will come into production in July

Rumors about the upcoming launches of Apple are becoming more intense, especially with regard to iPhone 6, and that its presentation is not expected until next month of September. In Cupertino carry a time that can not (or will not) control leaks about its future products, so their latest iPhone and iPad lost the surprise factor that managed to keep itself years ago.

With the information we have now is almost certain that the iPhone 6 will have a larger screen. Not only that, but also would be a second iPhone to come directly to the category of tabletófono. The latest data on the next iPhone indicates that the iPhone 6 will go into mass production in July, followed by the largest iPhone in September, so its presentation will not be simultaneous.


We took some time listening to the rumor that there will be two iPhone, both with larger screen, and the information comes from different sources, increasing their credibility. According to Taiwanese newspaper Industrial & Commercial Times, Apple plans to begin manufacturing the iPhone 6 next July, so be on time for the presentation in September. Continue reading

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The Nokia Lumia 930 will incorporate a wireless charger

It is expected that the Nokia Lumia 930 starts shipping in Europe during the month of June. In early February, the company presented the new smartphone high-end, equipped with a 5-inch screen, a main 20 megapixel camera and a quad-core processor.

What we now know is just that this new family member Lumia will come equipped with a charger wireless standard, included in the price. Until now the policy of the brand was that the wireless charger for the battery out an optional accessory, which was up for sale separately. This move will help spread the adoption of this type of clips on mobile with Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 930

No wonder that Microsoft and Nokia want to bet on a single technology. In fact, Microsoft last March came to join the board of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which is the consortium that promotes wireless charger Qi. Same day were also joined Samsung Electro-Mecanics to the association for its part, Nokia, and was a member of the consortium WPC, previously, as manufacturers like ZTE and operators such as Telephone. Continue reading

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Opening Windows 8 applications with the keyboard from the main interface

Windows 8 has been criticized countless times for its main interface, and the difficulty with this system do when you start to use. Issues such as the lack of an off switch (the U.S. company plans to fix today with a new update) have become a poison dart for the U.S. company that has left this almost dying platform, in a fine line between slow adoption and consideration of being a complete failure.

However, this system actually hides a form quick and easy access to all applications and system tools with only using the keyboard, and strangely has gone unnoticed by many. We tell you in a few steps how to use this option and the different options open.

Windows 8 applications

The tool in question of which we speak is the search platform Windows 8, surely one of the great forgotten in this system and that is an important leap in ease of use. Users who are already accustomed to this platform will know that to access it from your desktop or from another app should open the right sidebar of options and access the search icon. Continue reading

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Samsung could launch a Windows Phone input range

Microsoft introduced a few days ago Windows Phone 8.1, which will be the next major update to its mobile operating system. However, we currently only Nokia has announced new smartphones to debut this issue, but it appears that Samsung will follow soon.

The Korean brand is very focused in its class with Android, which is what you reported more benefits, and is working on its OS Tizen, the new terminal will soon see. However, Samsung will not let go of a Windows Phone and the latest rumors indicate that present new smartphones with this platform.


A few days ago leaked details about the Samsung Core ATIV a midrange to be one of the first to release Windows Phone 8.1. Now the blog SamMobile publishes information on a second model that corresponds to the input range and that we only know the product code: Samsung SM-W350F. Continue reading

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How to change default Android apps

The mobile phones and tablets with Android operating system have a little quirk when you open a file or a link that you can run from several applications. It appears to us that sometimes a small popup window with the title “Using complete actions”, and from this window we are asking two things: you select the application you want to display the content that we have chosen, and to decide whether always want to use that application by default for that content type (“Always”) or if we will use it only on this occasion (“Only once”).

If you click on the option to “Always”, your terminal automatically opens whenever that content type with the same application as we have specified. For example, if we want to play a video and we have several video playback applications on your terminal, you can select one or the other is always the default application when playing videos.

Android apps

This saves us a long time, but… what happens when we are no longer using the same application to open a specific content type? How can we change default applications in Android? This is exactly what I explain below in a simple tutorial suitable for any user. Continue reading

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The next version of the iPhone operating system could arrive on June 2

The company Apple has already set a date for its annual meeting with developers. This is the event WWDC (Worldwide Developers Converence or Worldwide Developers Conference in Spanish), each year the opportunity is used to show the latest news in their operating systems, both iOS for iPhone and iPad, and OS X for its computers Mac. It is a fair where engineers and developers to meet, and true to its slogan, change the world.

This time the event will take place at San Francisco’s Moscone West, during the first week of June, having been raised from the Day 2, when start rain news until Friday 6th March. An appointment that developers do not want to miss to be aware of what Apple is about to launch. And is that not only know first hand the progress made in operating systems, it is possible that other technical advances which are known to create and use applications to exploit their potential.


The event will have more than 100 technical sessions for all attendees. All this bringing together 1,000 engineers and 5,000 Apple developers who can share their knowledge and advances to take full advantage of the technology, know first hand all these developments and focus the development of new applications and utilities for devices of this company. Continue reading

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