Amazon wants to start testing drones to improve their service

Amazon has requested permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to begin delivering testing its messaging service through drones. To do this, you want to perform the tests in their own facilities in an attempt to speed up shipments for Amazon Premium Air Service.

The company’s Seattle sent a letter to the FAA this week when asked to carry out research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles. These computers will be used to transport packets Amazon.


Currently, if the company wants to test their drones have to travel to one of six sites approved by the FAA that travel the country. In the event that the application is granted, it would mean that the computer control of these unmanned helicopters (R & D), including an ex-astronaut NASA, no need to leave the campus for testing shipments. Continue reading

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Motorola Moto G 4G, pricing and tariffs with Movistar

The new Motorola Moto G 4G is now available. As we pointed you to a couple of weeks ago, the terminal is marketed by 200 euros in the open market. There are, fortunately, some economically interesting offers that will help us get the smartphone on more favorable terms. Movistar, for example, is one of the companies that already have in catalog this month of July.

The Motorola Moto G 4G is priced at 212 euros for all customers, access through a portable, making a migration (moving from card to contract) or by registering with a new number. Luckily, everyone will have the opportunity to pay in installments, without having to shell out the full amount principle. If you choose to pay in 24 months, the monthly fee is 8.88 euros, while if prefer to pay it in 12 months, the price will prove to be of 17.65 USD per month. All amounts indicated here you take taxes included (VAT 21%).


But there is another formula to pay for a more comfortable the final price of this smartphone. We talked about the plan Renew and Recycle that Movistar offers all customers who want to give their old phone in exchange for a token discount for the purchase of your next terminal. Continue reading

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Apple admits problems upgrading to iOS 7.1.2

Last week we told you that Apple had launched the upgrade to iOS 7.1.2, a package of firmware that had the mission to fix some bugs from the previous version. But hours and days after this update has been tested on the iPhone and iPad that they were entitled to it, the first problems have emerged. Reports the average PhoneArena, a user of iPhone 5S and iPad Air located in a region of Lithuania has detected something strange in the operation of built-in calendar new version of iOS 7.1.2.

It explains that the application installed on both devices, has begun to show regional parties wrongly. So much so that instead of seeing the holidays corresponding to their region, user notes listed in countries such as Mexico, Hong Kong and Canada.


To ensure that the operation is indeed wrong, what this person has done is to change the location of Lithuania to the United States. But in that case, the public who have begun to show in the calendar not belong to the North American country, but those of the United Kingdom and Russia. Continue reading

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Specifications of a new ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini appear

So only a few days after it was leaked several pictures of ZTE Nubia Z7, a new rumor has been the focus of technological media in a variant of this smartphone: the ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini, a compact version would come together to flagship Chinese manufacturer ZTE. According to initial reports, this would be a phone that would incorporate a surprisingly large screen five inches, what we would really curious considering that this is a “version Mini “incorporating a mobile screen 5.5 inches.

According to this latest leak, the ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini will be presented with a screen five inches to increase to 1,920 x 1,080 pixels resolution. Inside there will likely be stayed processor quad core to run at a clock speed of 2GHz, but have not yet appeared more details regarding the exact model of the processor.

new ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini

The memory capacity of the RAM will be 2 gigabytes, while the internal storage will be established in the 16 gigabytes (expandable via a card microSD). And although no reference is made to them, it is assumed that the operating system will be fitted as standard Android in version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Continue reading

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Microsoft tests a patch to fix the upgrade to Windows 8.1

Those responsible for the Microsoft operating systems want users to be updated with the most recent versions. They aim to minimize variations of Windows that are installed on computers and other devices. In October last year Microsoft began distributing Windows 8.1 through its store, the Windows Store. Some users could not find such an improvement and others experienced problems to apply.

Then Microsoft changed strategy The April 8, 2014 the company launched Windows 8.1 Update 1 on the other channel other than their store, through its Windows Update service. However, some users of Windows 8.0 and Windows 8.0 RT still continue to have problems in switching to Windows 8.1.


To solve these problems, the Redmond have devised a new method being tested in select markets, but will soon be available more widely. The experiment consists of a patch submitted on Tuesday July 1 (Article 2973544) that fixes these challenges and enables automatic updates from Windows RT RT to Windows 8.1. Continue reading

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WhatsApp, a problem when driving

The distracted driving is the cause of 40 percent of injury accidents on the road. A percentage that has much to do WhatsApp and other applications for smartphones, according to the latest study of BP, Castrol and RACE. And, send messages or chat via WhatsApp addition to other handling terminal at the wheel is a common practice in no less than four million drivers. Something that significantly increases the risk of an accident.

Despite current laws punish this type of distraction with the loss of three points of the card and fines of 200 euros, respondents claim to use mobile phone while driving. Even when 90 percent of all say is a dangerous or very dangerous activity. But the reality is that it is becoming a habit among drivers less than 34 years, leading the morning to work and circulating alone in the vehicle.


The study conducted shows that 60 percent of respondents’ drivers have ever done this practice. This percentage is reduced to 22% in the case of those who do sometimes, and a worrying 7% who claim to use the mobile many times or always while driving. A practice that is often done in lights (36%) and jams (30%), in urban areas where drivers feel confident by custom and knowledge of the terrain. Even more dangerous is that 18% reporting use of the mobile launch. This, according to the Director of Road Safety BP, by the fear of loneliness. Continue reading

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Microsoft includes folders on the home screen of Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft has always taken a simple approach in managing applications Windows Phone, but it looks like they are about to undergo a change. A document on the website of the company’s software for phones and tablets Redmond has revealed that folders will be included on the home screen of the platform. This article has been deleted from its domain, implying that its publication was produced in error.

The working method is similar to iOS, the operating system of Apple, where an application over the other will crawl to create a common file. After it is created, you can rename the folder and add as many apps as the user desires.


The document has been leaked; Microsoft notes that “you need to have Windows Phone 8.1 Update installed on the smartphone to create folders on the home screen dei”. This explanation implies that the function will come with the first major upgrade of WP8.1. This feature could be similar to that used by Nokia with its “Application Folder” in several of its devices. Continue reading

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6tin a client to bind by Tinder on Windows Phone

Not having some of the applications most popular and widespread official has not always been an impediment for users of the platform Windows Phone not enjoy these services. And it is often the last to receive some applications platform, forcing independent developers to create their own to meet the needs of its users. This is the case of the application to link known as Tinder. One tool that has achieved great fame in the platforms Android and iOS, and that Windows Phone can now be enjoyed by its unofficial client 6tin.

The history of 6tin is as curious as its own possibilities. And is that the developer, to create a common unofficial clients of other services that are missing in Windows Phone, and created 6tindr some time. However, despite the quality of the application, Tinder said client asked to be removed from Windows Phone Store.


Before the second attempt developer, Tinder was tempted to reach an agreement for the creation of an official application to the hands of this person. But time passed without any results, it invites you to think about breaking that agreement ended. Continue reading

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How to view all the shared photos with a contact for WhatsApp

The messaging application WhatsApp is still the main route chosen by users to communicate. A logical step knowing that now has over 500 million users worldwide, as well as being a simple and practical tool. And it is well known that their duties are to send videos and photos, plus messages and mythic Emoji emoticons. But did you know that you can review all content shared by WhatsApp contact with comfortably? We explain how to do it then.

Talks WhatsApp have a function as a record of shared files to review any content sent or received through the same. All a tool that helps the user to retrieve the photograph, video or sound file you want to go over easily. It is an issue that not all users know and very practical thanks to its design and presentation.


Shared files can be reviewed both through individual conversations and through the group. Simply access the chat that has been shared the item you want to recover and click on the top bar, or, display the menu and click on the option group info or contact info. This screen shows where the presented name of the conversation or contact, its photograph section: and, most important in this case Files. A section in this screen and shows the latest shared files and the number of files available to complete request. Continue reading

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Blackberry Passport will arrive in September

The next smartphone from Blackberry, Passport, will launch in September. This information was released at an event in which John Chen, CEO of the Canadian company, has revealed the financial results of the company he leads. Supporters of BB are in luck, as the phone includes a physical QWERTY keyboard, which has become a hallmark for the brand.

The details known are that features a four-inch screen that has a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels. Its processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 has a memory and three gigabytes of RAM. Also, its rear camera is megapixels thirteen and integrates a battery of 3,450 milliamps, more than enough for a phone like this. In addition, as we have already mentioned, has a physical keyboard keys three lines.

Blackberry Passport

It is expected that the smartphone, dubbed internally as Windermere, generate great interest among the public, since Blackberry is going to need all the help to relaunch its company. As explained in this conference, company numbers have worsened considerably. The Canadian has lost enough market shares to Apple and Samsung in relation to the business of smartphones from several years ago. For that reason, sales of its devices have fallen dramatically. Continue reading

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